About Kama Flow

Involvement in the development of technology business

We are not only a venture investor, but also an interested partner who contributes to the effective growth of our portfolio companies.

Kama Flow is a private investment company created in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs united by the desire to help Russian technology companies create high-tech products that are competitive on the global market.

We dive deeply into each project to determine the best long-term business scaling strategy, help in improving individual corporate processes, provide support in all aspects of operational activities, including organizing R & D, conducting pilots with industrial customers.

We manage the KF-1 Venture Fund (the founders ' own funds) and the Venture Fund of the National Technology Initiative, which we received the right to manage based on the results of an open competitive selection organized by the Russian Venture Company.

  • What projects do we invest in

    We are looking for advanced scientific and engineering developments, whose clients are or may become large industrial companies. We invest in projects at different stages of development, from pre-seed to late seed. The best option is when the company already has potential customers, applications for testing or pilot implementation of the product. When selecting projects, we pay attention to three key factors:

    1. Team. It is important that at the time of our entry, the keywords of the technical and business competence in the team are closed.

    2. Product / Technology. We focus on the technological advantages of the project, including in comparison with international companies. We consider the presence of a strong scientific base to be an important foundation for the global competitiveness of Russian projects.

    3. Market. We are looking for projects that work in markets with great commercial potential and intensive growth dynamics.

  • The investment process

    The process of concluding an investment transaction can take from several months to a year. The terms depend on the availability of well-developed investment materials for the project: a financial model, a legal structure, product presentations, etc. Here are the main stages of the project review procedure:

    • STEP 1. Initial analysis of the project for compliance with the criteria and focus of the fund (technology, stage).

    • STEP 2. Substantive discussion of the project with representatives of the technology company based on the results of the analysis. In practice, there are several iterations of the exchange of materials (presentations, detailed analysis of technology and product, investment activity of the segment, business model, etc.).

    • STEP 3. Receiving feedback from scientific and industrial experts of the foundation. An important stage at which we collect feedback from the market and from the academic environment. Often, we agree on pilots, including to check the performance of the technology and product.

    • STEP 4. Investment Committee, where the term sheet is approved and Due Diligence begins.

    • STEP 5. Detailed project expertise and Due Diligence (with the involvement of independent consultants).

    • STEP 6. The second Investment Committee-makes a decision on investment (approval of binding documents).

    • STEP 7. Legal registration of the transaction.

  • What makes us different

    For most projects, the first question for venture investors is "how can you help us besides money"? We do not just talk about "smart money", but also demonstrate specific benefits already at the early stages of communication with the team. We help with legal issues, we are ready to take on the organization of financial management. We actively participate in the promotion and sales of solutions for the projects under consideration already at the pre-investment stage. We attract external experts and consultants to strengthen the scientific and technological advantages of the project. We assist in recruiting new team members to solve ambitious tasks that arise in the investment round.

    A separate important area is the organization of cooperation with industrial partners. We constantly interact with more than 30 large Russian and international companies.